Environmental Detox

Environmental Detox

Environmental detox at Carmen Care

Most of us are living with toxins in our bodies. Our environment – from the food we eat to the air we breath, and the products we use – can negatively affect our health by introducing toxic chemicals into our bloodstream.

These pollutants attack our bodies causing pain, sluggishness, a decrease in mental clarity, and skin conditions, among other things.

By using a process called muscle testing, Carmen Care can identify any environmental toxins that may be present in your body and then eradicate them with laser energy detoxification (LED).

Many food sensitivities are caused by environmental factors and our detox program has helped many patients overcome their intolerance to numerous foods, including peanuts, shellfish, dairy products, and eggs.

Story behind the laser

Our laser process is called photobiomodulation, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT). In addition to increasing the speed, quality, and tensile strength of tissue repair, photobiomodulation can resolve inflammation and relieve pain.

What Customers Say

The process of allergy testing to help /eliminate migraine and other pain issues was explained in detail. The laser detox took maybe 10 minutes, and was painless! I woke up the next morning feeling more energy, no hint of head pain(migraine), and as a bonus, each day I’m feeling better! It’s absolutely incredible! Like a magic pill! Thank you Carmencare! 🙏

Melissa F.


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