The History of Salt Therapy

Unearthing the Origins: The History of Salt Therapy

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Salt therapy, alternatively referred to as Halotherapy and Dry Salt Therapy, originated in the mid-1800s in Poland.

Remarkably, salt mine workers in this region rarely suffered from colds, respiratory ailments, or lung diseases.

This observation led health official Felix Bochkovsky to champion the therapeutic benefits of salt, laying the foundation for the development of salt therapy as we know it today.

The essence of our existence in the field can be traced back to this historical perspective.

Salt therapy remains a singularly natural alternative, offering a 100% natural means to purify the body of antigens and toxins.

Its inherent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and highly absorbent properties contribute to its efficacy.

The primary focus of salt therapy revolves around enhancing respiratory system and skin health.

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Salt Therapy Association

According to the STA, spending time in a salt therapy environment can help:

  1. Cleanse the respiratory system
  2. Improve lung function
  3. Stimulate skin cell regeneration and exfoliation
  4. Boost the immune system
  5. Recent evidence and new research indicate that Salt Therapy positively impacts people with certain respiratory and skin conditions. Inhaling dry salt particles may reduce inflammation of the entire respiratory tract and widen airway passages. Dry salt particles are also known to accelerate mucus transportation and eliminate residual tar and foreign allergens.
  6. Salt Therapy helps cleanse and detox the lungs and invigorate the entire
    body with increased lung capacity and oxygen intake.
  7. Benefits include enhanced lung capacity, a boosted immune system, reduced stress and better sleep.

What Customers Say

The process of allergy testing to help /eliminate migraine and other pain issues was explained in detail. The laser detox took maybe 10 minutes, and was painless! I woke up the next morning feeling more energy, no hint of head pain(migraine), and as a bonus, each day I’m feeling better! It’s absolutely incredible! Like a magic pill! Thank you Carmencare! 🙏

Melissa F.


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